Radflex WF Series: Download Data Sheet

Resin Bonded Expansion Joint

WF series

WF expansion joints are comprised of a very low toxicity epoxy-polyurethane elastomeric concrete which holds in place a Santoprene seal. This Santoprene seal is heat weldable ensuring watertight joints. This type of design provides a long lasting, waterproof joint, which is also pedestrian friendly, and yet is suitable for a wide range of movements. This system can be applied without the use of complicated heating and curing devices. The WF Expansion Joint System is suitable for indoor and outdoor parking decks.


A rebate should be formed in the concrete deck to accommodate the WF joint. The concrete shoulders should be smooth and level across the expansion gap. We do not recommend application of this joint system to light weight or sand and cement screed.

Reference Installations

Radflex systems are installed in many different traffic conditions in a variety of climates. We are pleased to refer enquirers to relevant applications to confirm satisfaction with the installation and system performance.

Radflex Design Services

Technical advice and design services are available from our Technical Department, including reviewing requirements of particular applications, ensuring installation of the most appropriate Radflex system to suit specific sites and applications. Radflex WF can be adapted to most types of construction.


WF Elastomeric Concrete Nosings
WF Epoxy Adhesive
WF Santoprene Seal

Materials Performance

The component parts of the system are non-degradable, unaffected by UV light or ozone and completely impervious to water or water vapour. Robust materials, straightforward installation and proven high performance meet the exacting standards of the modern construction industry.


Health and Safety

Installation and use causes no ‘health and safety at work’ hazards, provided that manufacturers’ instructions are followed regarding adhesives and nosing materials.