Epoxy Bonded Expansion Joint

Radflex S100 System: Download Data Sheet

This expansion joint forms a watertight exterior seal in floors, walls and decks. It will not allow penetration of road salts or petroleum based products, and is therefore suitable for both pedestrian and wheeled vehicle use.



The ability of the product to go from horizontal to vertical application, with no loss of integrity, makes it a perfect choice for use in multi-storey car parks, podium decks, ramps and bridges, especially where mechanical fixing is not possible.
Radflex S100 can also be used as a hydrostatic seal. (Contact Radflex for details.)

Product Description

Radflex S100 waterproof movement joints are made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Copolymer Foam @ 50kg/m³. The foam joints are grooved along its bonding surface to give a greater adhesive strength to the substrate, in association with the bonding agent. Radflex S100 joints are supplied black in colour. (Other colours are available on request, contact Radflex)

Reference Installations

Radflex systems are installed in many different traffic conditions in a variety of climates. We are pleased to refer enquirers to relevant applications to confirm satisfaction with the installation and system performance.


Radflex S100 closed cell foam Radflex S100 bonding agent

Materials Performance

Radflex S100 closed cell foam has been produced to be stable when exposed to UV light, giving a long service life of the joint. Installation is straight forward and meets the demands of the latest construction techniques.

Health and Safety

Installation and use causes no ‘health and safety at work’ hazards, provided that manufacturers’ instructions are followed regarding adhesives and sealants.

Radflex Design Services

Technical advice and design services are available from our Technical Department, including reviewing requirements of particular applications, ensuring installation of the most appropriate Radflex


Product Properties

All test data pertaining to the Radflex S100 foam joint are available on request from Radflex Contract Services.